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The best way to get an estimate of a damaged beveled glass front door or a leaded glass front door is to take a photograph of your broken glass from the inside of the door (one close up of the damage and one overall shot). Then email to, please include your name, phone number, phyiscal address, and SUBDIVISION with this visual information we can identify the type of broken leaded glass and in most cases provide a very good glass match in a timely efficient manner. We can also give you an estimated cost based on the photo. We service most of the Houston, Texas area as well as Missouri City, Texas, Sugar Land, Texas, Richmond, Texas and Katy, Texas.

Our stained glass and leaded glass company located in Houston, Texas offers On Site Repairs on your front leaded glass door. Our experienced trained field technicians can replace the cracked or broken glass in the front door without removing the leaded glass door panel from the door itself, saving time and money. We keep in stock the majority of clear textured glass most commonly used in leaded glass doors. Our trained service technicians specialize in matching the glass, so it can be a virtually invisible repair as possible.  When a beveled glass piece has to replaced, we have to make a rubbing (pattern) and then hand bevel the shape needed, then come back to install it. Please note that that some custom leaded glass doors use special ordered glass, that may have to be shipped in from one the many glass suppliers. We offer front door board up service if the leaded panel has lead or zinc damage caused by impact or metal fatigue. Our studio offers partial and complete rebuilding of any leaded glass panels that as needed. Diamond leaded glass repairs are our specialty and also can restore insulated beveled glass front doors. Art Glass by Wells services the Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Quail Valley, Greatwood, Sienna Plantation, Royal Oaks, Heights area, Bellaire, West University, Memorial, and River Oaks area. Here are some of the common clear textures that are used in most leaded glass front doors. 

Rebuild or Re-leading is where the panel or window is brought into the studio to be worked on. After the panel is carefully removed, the opening will be secured with a temporary piece of wood or tempered glass if available. The window is taken apart and new glass pieces cut to replace cracked or broken ones.Then all pieces are cleaned, then reassembled in a new metal caming, then soldered front and back. Next, the window will then be waterproofed and reinstalled into its original setting. This process takes about four to five working days to complete.

Reinforcement or bracing can be accomplished by the use of a brace bar attached horizontally spanning the shortest distance possible creating a backbone to any leaded glass panel

Consult with the stained glass professionals at Art Glass by Wells where commitment to excellence and quality is demanded every day.

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