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Art Glass by Wells
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Remodeling and Home Design

A custom stained glass company that works in all facets of the ancient art form of stained glass, located in Houston, Texas. Art Glass by Wells has specialized for over 50 years in stained glass windows and beveled leaded glass doors, custom etched glass, the restoration of stained glass or leaded glass, stained glass repair for churches, stained glass mosaics, designing of stained glass patterns, construction of art glass and installation of stained glass windows, the restoration and conservation of stained glass windows, protective glazing for the preservation of historical church stained glass panels and the services of design fabrication and installation of stained glass for churches. Our spieciality is stained glass domes and stained glass ceilings. Our Studio offers most of our services world wide.

Consult with the stained glass professionals at Art Glass by Wells where commitment to excellence and quality is demanded every day.

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