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Art Glass by Wells
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Art Glass by Wells is a family owned and operated custom stained glass company located in Houston, Texas, that has been in the business since 1962. Specializing in the custom design and fabrication of stained glass, beveled glass doors, etched glass and professional on site repair. Our extensive experience in stained glass restoration gives Art Glass by Wells the advantage in design and construction methods of any stained glass projects. The glass artists at our company are committed to producing some of the finest stained glass art available.  We are able to crate and ship across the United States and to select locations around the world.

Our Our design staff works diligently with architects, designers, custom home builders and individual clients to achieve the highest quality stained glass possible. Starting with an idea or concept of design, we will begin with small scale drawings and glass samples for preliminary approval. Once scale drawings  have been approved and measurements verified full size patterns will be produced. We will consult on the initial glass selection, make suggestions based on our experience and also the appropriate caming to be used in fabrication. Next, a mockup section will be generated on the full size  pattern, complete with cut glass pieces. This is presented to give you a better sense of the final look and the opportunity to make changes if necessary. Then a final approval before fabrication of the stained glass begins, thus setting a system of check points to ensure optimal results. Then the process starts with a master stained glass cutter that will carefully cut by hand each individual piece, then the skilled stained glass assembler will tackle the slow time consuming task of  building the panel assembling piece by piece, making sure the lines are straight and the alignment is correct, then finally soldering the front side and the back side at every intersection.


We only acquire and use only the best materials available from around the globe.  Whether it is the mouthblown sheet glass from Germany where we have the options to use antique glass, reamy glass, flashed glass, crackel glass or streaky glass. To the finest opalescent glass made in North America, still made in the old traditional way with 22,000 color, density, and texture glass combinations available. We have used them all, hence the approach of working with only quality materials to produce a high quality piece of art glass. 


 Stained glass projects are unique from one another in that there are many details to be consider. From the general purpose of the stained glass piece, to its location and its relationship to ambient transmitted light, if it is be an interior or exterior application. Also the many types of  stained glass that can be used and the light source, whether it is natural or artificial  light. This is where Art Glass by Wells has stood out as a stained glass studio and excels with three generations of experience, craftsmanship, skill and time proven techniques. All of the stained glass artists have been with the studio for many years and have work together as a team. But over the years certain stained glass artists within the studio have become specialists and mastered certain facets of this truly one of a kind art work. Let us create an art piece for your own unique fine living style. 

Consult with the stained glass professionals at Art Glass by Wells where commitment to excellence and quality is demanded every day.

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